Trash & Recycling Info.

 November 2006


Reference: Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Recycling


Since January 1, 2003, the Village of Mount Gilead has been collecting the MSW in the Village. Recycling is being done by Mid Ohio Sanitation, formally Whetstone Recyclers.

If you do not have a red recycling tote, contact Mid Ohio Sanitation (419-947-7440) and they will drop one off at your address.

Your MSW will continue to be billed with the water and sewer bills monthly. The following will be the pick up days within the Village, the 6 bag limit still applies;

Tuesday's - All of Main St., East Union, East Cedar, East Elm, East North, East Center, Neal Avenue, Bank St., Hillside, Maple Court, East St., Vine St., Walnut St., Pine Drive, Fairway Lane, all of Marion St and all of High St.

Wednesday's - Cherry Street, Rich Street, Iberia St., Town St., Delaware St., Park Ave., Lincoln Ave., Highland Ave, Douglas St., West Union St., West Elm St., West Cedar St., West North St., West Center St., South St., Elm Crest Drive, Lee St., Grant Street, Buckeye Lane, Cyprus Lane, Hickory Lane, Dogwood Lane, Willow Lane, Catalpa Lane, Baker St., Westview Drive, Orchard Lane, Maple St., Orchard St. and Northfield Drive.

· All trash must be placed at the curb by 6:00 A.M. the morning of pick up, but no earlier than 6:00 P.M. the evening before. If you place trash at the curb before this time you could be subject to a citation by the police.

· All trash must be at the curb or tree lawn. Trash will not be picked up in alleys. Unless prior arrangements have been made.

· All boxes must be broken down and placed with your recycle tote. Boxes must be recycled. All packing must be removed and placed with your MSW.

· All appliances must be recycled, and it is the resident responsibility to transport to Mid Ohio Sanitation in Edison, OH (419-947-7440). The Village will not pick up appliances. This is free to the resident, with the exception of any appliance with freon gas, a small charge will apply.

· Trash in excess of the limit will be billed with your monthly water and sewer bill at a rate of $2.00 per additional bag.

· No steel items will be collected, these items must be recycled. Contact Mid Ohio Sanitation (419-947-7440) for disposal of scrap metal.

· Furniture items will be collected when our office is contacted (419-946-9101) in advance. Extra charges will apply for removal of these items. Items placed at the curb without prior notice will be subject to a citation for blight.

The following is the current breakdown for MSW services through December 2007.

MSW pick up $12.50
10% Senior Citizen Discount Applies to MSW only.
Recycling $2.00
Total through 2004 $14.50


If you have questions or you wish to schedule a special pick up, please feel free to call 419-946-9101.

Additional Trash Charges
Extra Bags $2.00 ea. (over 6 bags)
Furniture Disposal
Chair $10.00
Loveseat $15.00
Sofa $20.00
Mattress $20.00
Box spring $20.00

Yard Waste
The yard waste facility is located on Township Road 127, in the rear of the Waste Water Treatment Plant. To get to the plant, turn south on Orchard Drive and left onto Twp. Rd. 127.
The yard waste is open daily from 8:00 am till 3:00 pm and Saturday morning from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 am., through the last day in October.

Brush Pick Ups in the Village
The Village chips small limbs and brush in the Village (3) times per year. May, July and September, see newsletter for dates of pick ups.
The Village does not pick up leaves or lawn clippings while we are chipping brush. Residents must deliver these items to the yard waste facility.
Brush piles should not be larger than 4' x 8'. Anything larger, should be disposed of by the resident, using private tree trimming services.

Storm Damage
In the event of a storm, the Village will assist in the clean up of storm damage. Limbs should be placed at the curd after a storm for clean up.
If trees are downed by a storm and are located on your property, the resident must contract with a private tree trimming company for removal.